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Welcome to SkyLink – Your Connection To The Cosmos.

SkyLink happens to be your connection to the Cosmos. At SkyLink, you have the opportunity to learn everything related to the space and the universe. This site gives you the opportunity to learn more about space exploration and space research opportunities. Therefore, all the new advances in technology that help in making space exploration easier and efficient are discussed on the website.

This website is specifically geared towards those individuals who love learning about the cosmos and astronomy. Those who would love to go to the cosmos but are unable to due to a variety of different factors. Thus, with this website, you can get the feeling that you’re almost in space.

Space Exploration Inspiration

This website was inspired by a number of pioneers including Johannes Kepler, Issac Newton, Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Yuri Gagarin, Carl Sagan, Richard Feynman, Tim Berners Lee, Stephen Hawking and all the other brave explorers who have left our planet behind – briefly or forever.

Furthermore, we also being you exclusive blog posts by none other than those working for NASA and other spaceflight insiders. On our site you will be able to find interviews featuring NASA’s astronauts, all the latest scoop relating to all the new discoveries that take place.

Therefore, prepare yourself to hop on a new adventure as we take you to the space and the cosmos by intriguing you with new happenings, phenomena’s and incidents that take place in the outer space on a daily basis.

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