Retired Minister Finds Most Supernovas

When Robert Evans built his first refractor in high school using a cardboard tube, a spectacle lens and an old eyepiece, not even he thought he would one day hold the world record for visually spotting exploding stars

Spotting Supernova Explosion

Robert Evans Supernova SpotterSupernovas, or exploding stars are relatively rare, at least when they are spotted visually, but they are also important since they explain much of the history of the Universe.

The retired reverend from Australia uses every available opportunity to scan the sky, and to date, he has visually spotted 42 supernova explosions, in which he says, he is greatly assisted by his almost photographic memory.

According to Evans, he knows what the sky should look like from day to day, and anything out of the ordinary is noted and investigated- which turns out to be an exploding star, more often than not.

Today, automated searches by robotic telescopes find most new supernovas, but in recognition for his prowess in spotting them the old fashioned way, Evans has been awarded membership of both the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, and the International Astronomical Union.

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