Volunteers Discover “Green Pea” Galaxies

A new class of galaxies was recently discovered by a group of amateur astronomers. Through a project named Galaxy Zoo, which was launched by a group of professional astronomers from Britain, a group of about 230 000 volunteers from all around the world identified the new type of galaxies, called “Green Peas”, by scanning through about a million archived images of galaxies.

In images the galaxies appear as bright green dots, much like peas, hence the name “Green Peas”, and although they are ten times smaller, and 100 times less massive than the Milky Way, stars in these galaxies are forming at  a rate ten times higher than in the Milky Way.

Group Effort of Volunteers in the discoveryamateur astronomers green pea galaxy discovery

Although only about 250 “Green Pea” galaxies were found during the project, Carolin Cardamone, who is the lead author of the final report on the project says that “..no one person could have done this on their own, and even if we had managed to look through 10,000 of these images, we would have only come across a few Green Peas and wouldn’t have recognized them as a unique class of galaxies.”

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