Welcome to SkyLink: Your Connection To The Cosmos

Welcome to SkyLink, your premium connection to the Cosmos! Learning more about the cosmos and the universe is a very interesting hobby one that I truly encourage as there is so much out there in the universe that is being explored on a daily basis, new planets, new discoveries and lots more.

I am a 30 years old American guy who also happens to be a member of the NASA staff. You can call me George, although that really isn’t my real name. I want to keep my identity hidden because as you know, NASA is one of the most prestigious space exploration agencies in the world and for reasons that I cannot mention here, I need to keep my real identity hidden.

This blog has been created for people like you who love everything related to the space and the universe. This blog gives you the opportunity to learn more about space exploration and space research opportunities. Therefore, all the new advances in technology that help in making space exploration easier and efficient will be discussed. Furthermore, I will also blog about all the new discoveries so that before they’re on the news you will know about them. Doesn’t that sound interesting? However, for that you will have to keep visiting our site for my blog posts.

Moreover, I will also interview my colleagues and also some seniors to get you some of the latest stories and gossip of the cosmos along with all the new projects being taken on what the astronauts’ think about them, how they feel being up in space and much more.